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Regardless of how much we open ourselves to the world around us, our traditions keep us tied to our long established roots in the Rhodope Mountains. A magical mountain, full of strength, inspiration, health and nature, one that fills the eyes and the soul. There are a few things that remain irreplaceable such as: the Rhodope songs, the picturesque eco paths, the irresistible Rhodope meal and last but not least – the springs filled with crystal clear water. Spring “Baldaran” is not only one of the highest springs in the Rhodope Mountains (at 1327m altitude), but it also impresses with fresh and clean water, which is a common characteristic of mountain springs that are situated far away from any kind of human and industrial activity. Having unique qualities, the water that stems from spring “Baldaran” has very low mineralization and is suitable for consumption by every member of the family, every day of the week.

For this reason, we do not promise you anything. Only the Rhodope Mountains. In every sip you take.


Baldaran spring water is extracted from the natural captive spring called “Baldaran” – one of the highest springs on the territory of Bulgaria, situated at an altitude of 1327 m. The spring “Baldaran” is located at the foot of “Batashki Snezhnik”, „Snezhana Peak “, on the territory of “Fotinovo” village, which is 15km away from the town of Devin.


What really makes Baldaran spring water unique and different from other bottled waters is the chemical composition- the low level of mineralization as well as the naturally soft thirst-quenching taste. The low level of sodium (Na) and fluorine (F) make the water extremely suitable for everyday consumption by people at all ages, including infants, young children and pregnant women.

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/ pH (neutral)
/ Na (low)
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/ F (low)
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Originates from spring “Baldaran”, which is located at a 1327 meters altitude, in one of the highest and cleanest regions of the Rhodope Mountains.

For each family member

Spring water suitable for infants, pregnant women, children as well as all other ages. Fit for everyday consumption without the need for alternation with another type of water.

100% Bulgarian company

Baldaran Spring JSC invests 100% of its capital in Bulgaria.

Laboratory control

Constant quality control in each phase of the production process.

Light taste

Pure spring water stemming directly from the mountain with a mild and refreshing taste.

Care for the environment

Baldaran Spring JSC uses 100% recyclable PET bottles for all its products.

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