Tanya Stoimenova

Job title:
Stand-out quality:
Travelling, gastronomy and yoga
Her colleagues describe her as:
Leader with a nice touch; charismatic; extremely punctual in her work; ambitious; combinative; dedicated; supportive of each member of the team

Miss Tanya Stoimenova has taken the position of CEO of the company since the beginning of 2019. She started working for Baldaran Spring JSC as a Financial Director in 2014 and was promoted to Deputy Executive Director in the beginning of 2015. Prior to returning to her home country Bulgaria, Miss Stoimenova lives in the UK for 6 years during which she successfully obtains her Bachelor’s Degree Diploma at the University of Manchester and her Master’s Degree at Imperial College London, specializing in the fields of Economics and Finance. She began her working career as an intern in the Financial Department of Bloomberg, London in 2012. At the end of the internship program, Miss Stoimenova receives a proposal to join the Bloomberg team full time as a financial analyst. After accepting the proposal, she works at the position for almost a year in the London office of the company. In addition to the financial industry, Miss Stoimenova is highly passionate about the aviation industry, to which she dedicates her Dissertation at Imperial College London. She speaks proficient English and conversational Russian language.