Lora Stancheva

Job title:
Sales Director
Stand-out quality:
Snowboard and tennis
Her colleagues describe her as:
A powerful workaholic; a versatile fighter with a contagious enthusiasm; extremely punctual, hard-working, flexible, cooperative; has an adequate solution to every situation

The Sales Director – Miss Lora Stancheva, has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Manchester specialising in International Business, Finance and Economics. She is proficient in English and German languages. Prior to commencing her career at Baldaran Spring JSC, Miss Stancheva becomes part of the team of “Ebury Partners” in London where for a year and a half she deals with FOREX trading and currency risk management for a number of international companies. Before deciding to leave the London office of “Ebury Partners”, she gets promoted to a managerial position in the field. She begins working for Baldaran Spring JSC in 2014 as a Regional Sales Manager for the region of Sofia town and becomes Sales Director of the firm in the beginning of 2015. In her free time, Miss Stancheva enjoys snowboarding as well as playing tennis, since she has been a professional tennis player and has managed to top the Bulgarian national ranking for many years in a row.