Gabriela Stoimenova

Job title:
Brand Manager
Stand-out quality:
My strongest quality is to understand people
Sports, reading and creative writing
Her colleagues describe her as:
: Kind, approachable, helpful, radiant, patient, charming, a flawless professional, creator of new and fresh ideas, a brave innovator with an endless motivation; disarming combination of erudition and allure

Gabriela Stoimenova graduates from the University of Cambridge (UK) where she pursues one of the most prestigious degrees- a combination of Economics and Law, and obtains Double First-class honours in her Bachelor’s Degree Diploma. Throughout her life, Gabriela has earned numerous awards and scholarships among which: The Gordon Cameron Prize for Regional Economics and Policy; 3 awards for best academic performance in Business Management, Economics and Foreign Languages; 3 scholarships from Clare College (Cambridge) for academic excellence in her chosen degree, and many others. Before attending Cambridge University, Gabriela obtains her high-school diploma in London where she is the only student mentioned in the Director’s speech for maintaining outstanding academic track record. Miss Stoimenova is proficient in English and fluent in Spanish. Gabriela joins the team of Baldaran Spring right after graduating from University and demonstrates extraordinary motivation and enthusiasm to apply her knowledge and experience from abroad to her work. In addition to her academic achievements, Gabriela devotes 8 years of her life to playing tennis professionally and also actively trains Latin American dancing (Zumba) for over 4 years.